Bear Creek Redwoods


Measure AA is a $300 million general obligation bond approved in June 2014 by over two-thirds of Midpen voters. Proceeds from bonds, which will be sold in a series over approximately the next 20-30 years, will be used to:

  • protect natural open space lands
  • open preserves or areas of preserves that are currently closed
  • construct public access improvements such as new trails and staging areas
  • restore and enhance open space land, which includes forests, streams, watersheds, and coastal ranch areas.

During this transition year 2014-15, Midpen is focused on preparing for the first bond issue and implementing Measure AA projects that were approved by the board of directors at its public meeting in October 2014.

We’ll be highlighting our Measure AA funded projects throughout the year with signage, special events, and information though our newsletters, email, website, and social media. We encourage the public to stay involved in and aware of our project accomplishments by signing up for email notifications, attending our board meetings, and making comments. We look forward to this wonderful opportunity to expand our beautiful open spaces with outdoor recreation opportunities for all.

Future Projects

Click on the image to view interactive story mapAs promised, Measure AA funds will ONLY be used for the 25 key project portfolios listed below. During the Vision Plan process these were called priority actions. They have been renamed portfolios, because each one contains multiple projects that will be prioritized separately. Download the Top 25 Future Open Space Project Portfolios.

Next Steps

Midpen is already working on a number of Measure AA projects as part of the Fiscal Year 2014-15.  These capital projects include: public access to Mt. Umunhum at Sierra Azul and new trail connections, such as Ancient Oaks Trail in Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve and the Bay Trail gap between East Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Members of the public are invited to submit comments with their views on project priorities.

Land Conservation Progress Update

Land acquisition is the first step to open space conservation. The Vision Plan identified 50,000 acres of open space land that, when conserved, would significantly improve wildlife conditions, wetlands, watersheds, creeks, sensitive plant communities and healthy outdoor recreation. As of January 2016, Midpen has acquired 1,003 acres of land with $12,842,500 in funding support from Measure AA Funds. Learn more.

Oversight Committee

The application period for the Measure AA Bond Oversight Committee is now closed. Interviews will be conducted in February. The Oversight Committee is essential to implementing Measure AA and will consist of seven at-large members who reside within the District. The Committee is expected to convene at least once a year and take the time required to thoroughly review annual Measure AA expenditures and  Midpen’s Annual Audit and Accountability report. Each year, the Committee’s findings will be presented to the Board at a public meeting and will be posted on the District’s website. Learn more.

Ballot Language, as approved by the voters

To improve access to hiking and biking opportunities, protect and preserve redwood forests, natural open spaces, the scenic beauty of our region and coastline, critical wildlife habitat, restore creeks to protect water quality, and reduce forest fire risk; shall Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District be authorized to issue up to $300 million in bonds, at a tax rate not to exceed $3.18 per $100,000 of assessed value of property owned, with expenditures verified by an independent citizen oversight committee?