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Wednesday, May 2 10:30am to 3:00pm
Approximate Total Miles: 
  • Moderate Hike
  • Meal Break

Join docents Lynn Jackson, Dennis Smith, Kate Gudmundson, Laura Levin, and Mary Brunkhorst for their first ‘Explorer Hike’ to the top of Mount Umunhum. You’ll enjoy stunning vistas from the summit as well hiking at a moderate pace along the newly opened trail. Along the way, you’ll hear stories about Mount Umunhum’s past, more recent, and current place in history. (Please note: The end time for this ‘Explorer Hike’ has been extended due to additional time needed for carpooling; participants will carpool/shuttle to a trailhead. Hike route subject to change depending on parking availability at area trailhead parking lots.) Reservations are required and will be accepted on or after April 18.

Where to Meet: 

Meet at the parking lot located near the intersection of Hicks Road and Mt. Umunhum Road in San Jose. Exit Highway 85 at Camden Avenue. (From northbound Hwy. 85 turn left on Branham Avenue and then turn left on Camden Ave. and from southbound Hwy. 85 turn left on Camden Ave.) Travel on Camden Ave. about 1.6 miles. Turn right on Hicks Rd. and travel for about 6.3 miles.  Turn right on Mt. Umunhum Rd.  The Preserve parking lot will be on the right.

Registration is unavaialbe because:

  • Registration is closed