Saturday, January 6 9:00am to 4:30pm
Approximate Total Miles: 
  • Strenuous Hike
  • Meal Break

Fungus, mushroom — what’s in a name? Slimy brown blobs — aren’t they? How about red, yellow, or white; underfoot or overhead; tall and thin, or short and wide? Join docents Chris MacIntosh and Lynn Jackson to hike up and down trails in different environments as you train your eyes to notice the sometimes camouflaged, but always fascinating fungi that flourish in winter. You’ll enjoy the variety of size, shape, and growth habits on this non-technical fungus appreciation hike along the North Ridge, Whittemore Gulch, and Harkins Ridge Trails. The rain (or lack of) will determine what is seen. Bring lunch, stamina, and your curiosity. 

Where to Meet: 

Meet at the Preserve parking lot on Skyline Boulevard.  This entrance is next to the now closed Kings Mountain Country Store.  The parking lot is 4.5 miles south of Highway 92, and 8.1 miles north of Highway 84.

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