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Saturday, January 27 3:30pm to 9:00pm
Approximate Total Miles: 
  • Moderate Hike
  • Meal Break

Join docents Karen DeMello, Jan Hintermeister, and Cathy Brown on this moderately-paced hike to learn about the rarely seen but sometimes heard owls of this Preserve. You’ll begin with mini-tutorial stops to learn about local owls, then stop for dinner at dusk. As you retrace your steps in darkness, be prepared to stand quietly and patiently in the cold to listen for owls along the way. Whooooo knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and hear one! Wear quiet clothing, bring dinner, a flashlight (with red cellophane covering if possible), and binoculars (if you have them). Reservations are required and will be accepted on or after January 13.

Where to Meet: 

Meet at the Preserve parking lot on Page Mill Road (across from Los Trancos Preserve), 7 miles west of I-280 or 1.5 miles east of Skyline Boulevard. Those traveling from I-280 on Page Mill Rd. should allow approximately 35 minutes travel time.

Registration is unavaialbe because:

  • Registration is closed