Hendrys Creek in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve

On June 5 California voters approved Proposition 68, the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018, with 56% of the vote (65% in Santa Clara County and 66% in San Mateo County). Proposition 68 includes $2.83 billion for parks and natural resources, $720 million for water resources, and $550 million for flood protection, including $200 million for local parks to be distributed on a per capita basis throughout California so that all communities benefit.

Midpen’s Board of Directors endorses Proposition 68, a statewide parks and water bond, on the June 5 ballot. Prop 68 would authorize $4 billion in bonds for a wide range of projects across urban, suburban and rural California aimed at drinking water and drought protection, wildlife and natural resource conservation, climate resilience and park access for all.

Proposition 68 includes significant grant funding for parks and open space projects that Midpen, and many of our regional partners, are well-positioned to compete for. These funds could help facilitate the completion of Midpen’s Measure AA projects, including:

  • Partner to Complete Middle Stevens Creek Trail
    Portfolio #12, Peninsula and South Bay Cities
  • Wildlife Passage and Bay Area Ridge Trail Improvements
    Portfolio #20, South Bay Foothills
  • Loma Prieta Area Public Access, Regional Trails, and Habitat Projects
    Portfolio #25, Sierra Azul

Specific Funding Allocations for the Bay Area

  • $21.25 million for San Francisco Bay Conservancy Program (Coastal Conservancy)
  • $20 million for restoration grants to match Measure AA (Coastal Conservancy)
  • $14 million for the Ocean Protection Trust Fund (Coastal Conservancy)
  • County, city, and special district funding for local parks (per capita and other programs)
  • $3 million for Los Gatos Creek and Upper Guadalupe River (Natural Resources Agency)
  • $3 million for Russian River (Natural Resources Agency)

Summary of Funding Categories with Bay Area Eligibility

State and Local Parks, Greenways, and River Parkways

  • $725 million for the creation and expansion of parks in “park-poor neighborhoods”
  • $290 million in funding for local parks (per capita and other programs)
  • $218 million in funding to “create, expand...and improve state parks and park facilities”
  • $30 million for trail and greenway investments (Natural Resources Agency)
  • $25 million for recreational programs and parks in rural communities (State Parks)

Ocean, Bay, and Coastal Protection

  • $20 million for coastal forests
  • $35 million for marine protected areas and sustainable fisheries
  • $5 million for coastal dune, wetlands, and estuary protection
  • $30 million for “lower cost coastal accommodation grants”
  • $75 million for California Ocean Protection Trust Fund

Climate Preparedness, Habitat Resiliency, Resource Enhancement, and Innovation

  • $443 million to various agencies including:
    - $48 million for wildlife corridors & open space (Wildlife Conservation Board)
    - $115 million for fishery and riparian restoration projects (Dept. of Fish and Wildlife)
    - $60 million for agricultural land conservation and stewardship (Dept. of Conservation)
    - $50 million for “for ecological restoration of forests” including urban forests (CalFire)

* A statewide funding program that could benefit the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

More Information

For complete information on Proposition 68, visit Ballotpedia.org.