Mount Umunhum


To re-open the area surrounding the Mount Umunhum radar tower to public access, repair work to retain and seal the structure will take place throughout 2021.

From May 17, 2021, through early 2022, the Mt. Umunhum summit turnaround, drop-off and ADA parking*, as well as the road leading to this area, will be temporarily closed to all visitors Monday - Friday.  During the same period, the radar tower and 0.2-mile east summit portion of the Mt. Umunhum Trail will be closed seven days a week. Visitors can still reach the west summit via the stairs from the Mount Umunhum parking lot. Access to Mt. Umunhum Trail (descent to Barlow Road trail and Bald Mountain Parking Area) remains open.

*Three accessible parking spaces will remain available in the main Mount Umunhum parking lot. Please note the only access to the top of the summit from this lot is via a staircase with approximately 150 steps.

For additional information regarding ADA access at Midpen contact the District ADA Coordinator at or 650-691-1200.

Mount Umunhum summit temporary closure area

Below is a recap of which trails and amenities will be open and closed during construction.


  • Mount Umunhum main parking lot, west summit loop trail, ceremonial circle and summit shelter trailhead shelter
  • Mount Umunhum Trail between the Bald Mountain parking area and the Mount Umunhum main parking lot


  • Summit turnaround, drop-off and ADA parking spots


  • Area surrounding radar tower
  • East summit viewpoint
  • Mt. Umunhum Trail from summit trailhead shelter to East Summit (0.2 miles)

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