Mount Umunhum

Due to ongoing maintenance and monitoring activities around the radar tower, the following areas at Mount Umunhum are temporarily closed:

  • The area surrounding the base of the radar tower (outside of the covered walkway)

All other areas of the summit remain open.

Temporary Closure Area

In November 2017 the area surrounding the base of the radar tower was closed while staff worked to remediate peeling paint on the exterior of the building. This work was completed in May 2018.  During the final phases, small pieces of concrete were falling off the exterior and out of an abundance of caution for public safety, the area surrounding the base of the radar tower remains closed to public access. While staff continues to assess future repair options, visitors can now access the East Summit of Mount Umunhum via a covered walkway next to the radar tower. The exterior area around the radar tower itself will remain closed to public access.

More Information

  • District staff are continuing to re-assess the radar tower and identify any additional repairs, to seal and retain the structure long-term.  This work will take place over the next few years and it may be necessary to close the area for assessment and repair work.