Donations and gifts to the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District help protect open space, preserve wildlife and natural habitats, enhance the positive experience of visitors to the District’s public open space lands, and aid in our efforts to create an open space legacy for future generations. Below are the donations and gifts received in 2016. We are publishing the names of these generous individuals and organizations to publicly express our sincere thanks for their thoughtful contributions. 

Gifts in Memory of: Gifts in Honor of:

Jean Abey
Deanna Hong

Heather C. Broome
Martin Broome
Rosemary Broome

Doug Curtis
Sally and Simon Ellis

David Daniels
Michael Blanchette

Mike Fleice
Jeanne Basart

Walter D. Goggin
Lois Goggin

Eleanor Jensen
Kathryn Azevedo

Harriet W. Nye
Barbara E. Nye and the 1986 Nye Family Trust

Howard F. Schopman
Claudia Newbold

Grump Wichman
Ariel Lattanzi

Purvi Nirali Aditi
Akash Nanavati

Susan J. Blohowiak
Ben Blohowiak

Ranger Vanessa Buchanan
Chrisi Fleming

Parry Campbell
Michael Campbell

Calvin Deweese

District Staff
Claudia Newbold

Mark Hehir
Gayle Boesch

Betty Kolbeck
Debbie Chang

Mary & Richard Lindmeier
Paul Ring

Mountain Bikers Everywhere
Jeremy Rushton

Jefrey Rogers
Daniel Greden

Jack Russo & Leigh Soutter
Russ Irwin
Adam Karbasi
John Kerns
Sam Savage
Elizabeth Wright

Jennie Saro
Michael Saro

Nicholas Shekelle
Kurt Voester

Chuck Shuey & Vicki Wahl
Laura Jensen

Gary Plep


Private and Business Donations

Drew Altman and Pamela Koch of the Altman Koch Charitable Fund

Daniel Alvarez

Janis L. Andrews

David M. Arken

Julie W. Barney

Alvin and Marsha Begun

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dirk Bergstrom

Hans Bernhardt

Dean Bernheim

Harold Black

Lani Blazer

Monica Bobra

Karen Brems

Gregory Buchanan

Grant and Jean Bushee and the Bushee Family Charitable Fund

Robin Clark

Anthony and Ann Clifford

Lynn and Bill Crane

Suzanne and Bruce Crocker

Maria Decker

Lloyd & Eleanor Dickman and the Dickman Charitable Fund

Marei Evitt

Dhrumil and Renu Gandhi

Gardiner Family Charitable Fund

Matthew Garratt

Michelina Gauthier

Marilee Geyer

Robert Goldberg

Paul and Carole Goldstein

Scott Graeser

Laura Haberlin

Half Moon Bay Coastside Tours

Noble and Lorraine Hancock Family Fund

Alexandra Hauser

Eleanor Hedenkamp

Thomas Heim

Joan and Randy Hodnett

Fred and Ruth Horiuchi

John Horwege

Gerd Infanger

Ronald Jett

Peter Kaars

Charlene & Derry Kabcenell of the Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

Ann Kapoun

Beth Karpas

Ron Karpel

Ross and Sue La Fetra

Nicholas Laskowski

Yiping Liao

Brie Linkenhoker

Keith Lubliner

Melissa Lukes

Keri Lung

Michio Maeda

Perry McCarty

Charles Merian

Ingrid Miller

Mary Murphy

Roeland Nusse

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Scott Palmer

John Parissenti & Linda Chin

The Carrie and Greg Penner Fund of the Walton Family Foundation

Sebastian Perry

William Phelps

Mitchell Portnoy

Diane Prentiss

Lubor Ptacek

Iyad Qumei

Julie Reis

Retirement Capital Strategies

Lauren Roan

Irfan Salim

John Scheibe

Jeffrey Schneider

Richard Seibert

John Sheehan

David E. Simon & Lynn Gordon

David and Joan Skurnick

Owen Smith

Karin Swanson

David Thomas

Sarah Trapnell

Laura Vais

Marilyn Voelke

Weiping Wang

Terrence Willett

Robert Woolsey

Kathleen Zaretsky

The District strives to inclusively list all donations received, but will not be liable for any errors in attribution other than to make reasonable efforts to correct such errors.