Last month Midpen staff, with support from 21 volunteers, conducted the 13th annual wildflower census at three sites in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. While the total number varies each year, nearly 350 species of flowering plants have been identified throughout the course of the study. Sierra Azul Preserve — the largest (more than 18,000 acres) of the preserves that Midpen manages — has a varied landscape that includes serpentine grasslands, steep and rocky chaparral, dense stands of bay trees and shaded oak woodland forest. The annual survey supports Midpen's natural resource inventory and monitoring program, including recording the impacts of climate change on flowers and pollinators. You can join the effort by recording the wildflowers you see (while staying on established trails please!) in any preserve with the iNaturalist app. To aid you on your community science treasure hunt, we’ve created an easy-to-use color-coded guide to the 100 most common wildflowers observed during the annual survey.

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