This past September, we celebrated the completion of an incredible journey: Getting the summit of Mount Umunhum cleaned up, restored and opened for everyone to enjoy. Since the grand opening, thousands of visitors have enjoyed the many gifts this world-class destination has to give. The clean air, the incredible 360-degree views, and the connection to the sights and sounds of nature. While it has been a long journey, we couldn’t be more thankful to our partners and the public who came together for support of Measure AA which helped make the summit of Mount Umunhum accessible to everyone. Mount Umunhum is truly a gift to the people of present and future, and we hope you continue to visit this spectacular destination and enjoy the many gifts it has to offer for years to come.

From our perspective, some of the greatest gifts to come from this project have been the overwhelmingly positive experiences and responses shared by visitors. Here are a few examples from the grand opening events.

Complete & utter excellence of planning. Beyond expectations.

I bought my house about 15 years ago and ever since I’ve been wanting to get up this mountain that is visible from my street. So it was very fulfilling when he wait finally ended. As a bonus, I got to do it with my wife and children (12 year old girl and 8 year old boy). The views were truly breathtaking and sweeping and I hope to be back soon.

It was wonderful and I appreciate all the hard work and perseverance that went into the acquisition, design, building and grand opening. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment hiking Mt. Um. Thank you!

Incredibly impressed with the improvements that were made to the road up there. Since the grand opening I’ve been back to the summit three times. Once by driving and twice on my bike. It’s awesome.

Spectacular view and easy road access to the summit. Beautiful blend and preservation of the historical aspect and native environment.