In my experience with Midpen, from voter to preserve user to longtime board member, I’ve seen the organization transition through several major phases. First, the land had to be acquired while it was still possible. Then, the community needed access to their public open spaces. Finally, the sensitive ecology of these landscapes needed caring for.

As we continue on a steady course forward, we’re transitioning once again into a new phase that I am incredibly optimistic about. The focus on each of the three pillars of our mission has balanced out into a harmonious three-part chord of land preservation, environmental restoration, and public access. We’re buoyed by a strong foundation, thanks to your continued support.

The Vision Plan, completed with significant public input in 2014, charts a clear path forward. The resources needed to complete this journey were approved by local voters who passed Measure AA in 2014. And the necessary staff and organizational structure are in place to get the public’s priority projects done efficiently and to Midpen’s standard of quality.

We’re working on connecting trails and habitats, restoring waterways for rare species, and preparing Bear Creek Redwoods for public access. These are just some of the new projects we’re excited to be implementing on your behalf. Stop by a board meeting and let us know what you think. We’re listening.




Jed Cyr

Board President Representing Sunnyvale, Ward 3