Those who have gazed up at Mount Umunhum for decades can visit this site starting in mid-September when it becomes one of the Bay Area’s great, publicly accessible peaks. Thank you for shaping an ambitious plan for public access to the summit, and passing Measure AA, allowing us to deliver your vision of a restored mountaintop and miles of new trail as promised.

World-class views are an undeniable centerpiece of the summit experience. Weather shelters and pathways being built right now are unobtrusively situated in the landscape to, “Reveal the views in a way that is absolutely astounding,” said Midpen’s Senior Planner Meredith Manning.

In the course of transforming this narrow mountaintop at nearly 3,500 feet into a nature destination for people from all walks of life to enjoy, we’ve discovered more than views. “The mountain is revealing itself to us,” Manning said.

Mount Umunhum’s rich stories steeped in Native American culture, the Cold War, and the natural history of the Santa Cruz Mountains will be shared with visitors through educational and interpretive opportunities. A ceremonial circle at the summit allows Native Americans to dance and pray at this sacred site for the first time in centuries. Air Force veterans who lived and served atop Mount Umunhum share their personal experiences.

Iridescent swallows called purple martins, thought to no longer nest in Santa Clara County, successfully breed near the summit and perform aerial acrobatics as they feed on flying insects. Rare wildflowers adapted to the mountain’s unique serpentine geology bloom, inviting the hummingbirds and specialized butterflies that pollinate them.

Mount Umunhum’s next chapter is one of life-sustaining regeneration. This fall, pack a water bottle, leave the dog at home, and discover what Mount Umunhum’s breathtaking views, diverse trail experiences, fascinating history, and rich biodiversity reveal to you.

Mount Umunhum Public Grand Opening Event
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve  |  September 16-17, 2017

Reservations will be required.

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