We are continuing our essential wildland fire prevention and preparation work. This includes finalizing the environmental review of our newly developed Wildland Fire Resiliency Program.

Join Midpen’s board of directors for a virtual public hearing Wednesday, May 12 from 5-7 p.m. as they consider certifying the final environmental impact report and approving the program, allowing implementation to begin.

The goals of this program are to proactively expand Midpen’s ecologically sensitive vegetation management, establish healthy ecosystems, reduce wildland fire risk and facilitate the response of fire agencies while protecting the natural environment.

“Building on our current work, this program would enable a 600% increase in our ecologically sensitive vegetation management over the next 10 years,” Midpen General Manager Ana Ruiz said. “Additional funding is critical, as the cost of our increased work is projected to be approximately $36 million.” 

Midpen is currently seeking grant funding to assist with covering these costs and has been successful in securing grants to leverage taxpayer funding on several key projects.

The final environmental impact report is now available for review on our project web page.

Review the EIR, get program details and participate