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The Resource Management Grant Program (RMGP) fosters and strengthens partnerships with researchers from academic institutions and advances the scientific understanding of natural processes.

Midpen funds academic research projects relevant to its mission of environmental education and sound resource stewardship. The RMGP awards provide up to $5,000 per year for any single project and provide up to $25,000 annually in total RMGP funding for all projects.

2014 Grantees

Fish Habitat in San Gregorio
San Francisco State University
Surveys and analyzes stream channels to help land managers identify priority sites for salmonid habitat enhancement projects along San Gregorio and La Honda Creeks.

Hicks Road Cultural Resource Assessment
Santa Clara University
An archeological site survey to provide information on Native American as well as early mining period use of a site in Sierra Azul OSP. The project provides an educational opportunity to undergraduate students studying archeology.

Using Ecology to Recover Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Protect Cultural Resources
University of California, Berkeley
Identifies sites of ethnobotanical value, experiments with various traditional management practices on a small scale, and collects culturally significant plant materials for traditional use by the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band.

Quantifying the Impacts of Habitat Loss, Woody Plant Encroachment and Land Management Strategy on Coastal Montane Grassland Bird Communities
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
Quantifies grassland encroachment, historical land use data, and compiles existing regional bird surveys to determine effects on montane bird communities within the region. Find out more at

Camera Trap Study of Wildlife Use of Conservation-grazed Coast Rangelands
Independent Researcher Ken Hickman;
Reviewed by Dr. Chris Wemmer, California Academy of Sciences

Tracks the presence and habits of wildlife in several of the District’s coast preserves where verified observations of wildlife are sparse.

San Francisco Bay Area Cultural and Historic Landscape Pilot Project
Stanford University
An archeological study to predict and survey locations of potential former Native American land use in upland and foothill zones of District Preserves using archival research, remote sensing, and field methods.  Stanford is will be working with Foothill College on this multi-faceted project.

Monitoring Fire Weather and Fuels Conditions in a Changing Climate
San Jose State University
A combination of fuel sampling, weather data collection in the Mt. Umunhum area, and analysis will be utilized to make better fire weather predictions available to fire agencies and the public. This research will improve the ability to predict sudden changes in fire danger level which are expected to become more common as fire seasons extend throughout the State. Find out more at