owls clover in twilight

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Photo Contest! We received over 270 submissions this year. After narrowing the field down to five finalists in each category, winners were chosen by a public vote on Facebook.

Wildlife Winner

Kwon Chiu - White-tailed Kite - Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area

 About the photographerI am a professional at Silicon Valley.  My hobbies are outdoor sports and activities with special interest in photographing wildlife.

 Photographer’s Inspiration: White-tailed Kite is a native wildlife and one of my favorite birds for photographing. While it was clapping its wings, it looked so attractive that inspired me to capture it. This photo represents the beauty of nature and the harmony between wildlife and humans.

People in Open Space Winner

Charles Tu - Moving On  - Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

 About the photographer Information not provided.

Photographer's Inspiration: A Place in the Sun by Stevie Wonder
"Like a long lonely stream I keep runnin' towards a dream, movin' on, movin' on. Like a branch on a tree I keep reachin' to be free, movin' on, movin' on."

Landscape Winner

Basim Jaber - Daybreak on Snow-covered Mount Umunhum - Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve

 About the photographer I’m the Historian for the former Almaden Air Force Station atop Mount Umunhum and enjoy educating the public on the military and local history and geography of the mountain. I give frequent District-permitted tours on the mountain which tell the fascinating stories and showcase the mountain’s beauty and features. 

Photographer’s Inspiration: Snow on Mt Umunhum is rather rare and doesn’t last very long.  I wanted to capture this rare beautiful landscape before it melted or was driven/walked over.  The historic Radar Tower on the summit gives the photo a sense of “place”.

Plant Life Winner

Alex Song - Owl's Clover in Twilight - Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve

 About the photographer I am a chemist working in the pharmaceutical industry. Other than science, my hobbies include hiking, photography, soccer, gardening, exercising, writing and playing with my kids. The beauty of nature always inspires me. 

Photographer’s Inspiration: There was a big patch of Owl's clover at Rancho San Antonio Preserve. It was the perfect spot to photograph the sunset with wildflowers in the background. The shape of golden clouds mimicked that of the mountains, and the Owl's clover showed vivid colors in the twilight.

Aspiring Photographer Winner

Zoey Lim - Ladybug in Maze - Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve

 About the photographer I like to dance, draw, sing and be happy. 

Photographer’s Inspiration: The beauty of the nature around me inspired me to take this photo. This photo means a lot to me. I have always loved ladybugs so I was so lucky to be able to find a ladybug and ‘maze’ pattern on a tree to photograph.