District Geocaching Program

Young Geocachers
Objective: Use your GPS unit to locate geocaches hidden within a designated circuit of District preserves.

  • Obtain a Preserve Circuit Passport.
    (Have a pocket-size passport mailed to you, or print this letter-size version.)

  • Go to, register for a free basic membership, and obtain the GPS coordinates for the Preserve Circuit geocaches ("caches"). Search by user name "MROSD." You can also get coordinates via the Preserve Circuit Geocaches page.

  • Start your search to locate the Preserve Circuit caches using your GPS-enabled device. A small number of GPS devices are available for short term loan through the District (a fully refundable deposit is required.)

  • When you find a Preserve Circuit cache, sign the log book and stamp your passport with the stamp located inside the cache specific for that preserve (do NOT remove the game piece stamp).

  • Share your experiences online when you get home. Log into your account and track all of the caches you found. Let us know in your log if you're a first time visitor to any of the preserves!

Earn Prizes

  • For children 16 years and younger, stamp any 12 of the Preserve Circuit cache locations in your passport to receive a limited custom District cache tag.*

  • For geocachers of all ages, complete the entire Preserve Circuit Geo-Challenge (have every preserve cache location stamped) and receive a limited custom geocoin.*

*Prizes are available while supplies last. To claim prizes, mail in your qualifying passport (keep a copy for you records, the District is not responsible for lost mail) and receive it back along with your prize. Please include your complete mailing and contact information along with your full name and your geocaching username. You may also contact us and make arrangements to claim your prize in person.

Jennifer Williams – Geocaching Program
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
330 Distel Circle – Los Altos, CA 94022

Congratulations to our Geo-Finishers!


  Additional Information

Preserve Circuit Geocaches

Preserve Passport
(letter-size format)

Introduction to Geocaching

Geocaching Guidelines + FAQs

Geocaching Guidelines

Geocaching Agreement and Waiver

Trail Conditions

Wildlife Safety

Download Preserve Data!


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