Red Tailed Hawk, Ajinkya Athavale

2021 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2021 Photo Contest! We received over 500 submissions this year, a record high for us! After narrowing the field down to five finalists in each category, winners were chosen by a public vote on Facebook.

Landscape Winner

Russian Ridge, Shruti Jana

Photographer: Shruti Jana

Caption: Lupine and Poppy Blends

Preserve: Russian Ridge


People in Open Space Winner

Russian Ridge, Larry Chow

Photographer: Larry Chow

Caption: Sisters finding some respite from the pandemic during a tranquil sunset.

Preserve: Russian Ridge


Plant Life Winner

Fetid Adder's Tonge, Marty Higgins

Photographer: Marty Higgins

Caption: Fetid Adder’s Tongue

Preserve: Purisima Creek Redwoods


Wildlife Winner

Red Tailed Hawk, Ajinkya Athavale

Photographer: Ajinkya Athavale

Caption: Red tailed hawk

Preserve: Foothills



Aspiring Photographers Winner

Picchetti Ranch, Lucy Wang
Photographer: Lucy Wang
Caption: Getting the Side Eye
Preserve: Picchetti Ranch



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