coyote pouncing


Plants & Wildlife

Midpen's diverse and scenic landscapes, from bay wetlands to redwood forests and coastal grasslands, host an incredible diversity of life, making our region one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.   


All wildlife and their surrounding habitat is protected in Midpen preserves. If you are fortunate enough to encounter wildlife during your visit, do not approach, touch, startle, or feed it. Although wild animals are generally fearful of humans and will run away, some wildlife can be dangerous. Visitors can help by allowing natural processes to occur.

Report unusual wildlife encounters directly to a ranger or call us at 650-691-1200. On weekends or after 5 p.m. on weekdays call 650-968-4411.

a bobcat walking along a trail
A bobcat walking along a trail in a Midpen preserve.

Midpen uses wildlife cameras in multiple locations throughout our preserves. The cameras are used to to monitor and record wildlife activity and environmental conditions for scientific and educational outreach purposes.  Data collected through these devices will assist regional efforts to improve wildlife and habitat management. These devices are managed and placed so as not to violate the reasonable expectation of privacy of the general public who enjoy the preserves.

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