a family walking along a trail

Our Vision

Hawk Ridge Trail at Russian Ridge Preserve (Deane Little)

In 2012, as we celebrated our first 40 years, Midpen set out to chart a course for the next 40 years with Imagine the Future of Open Space, an 18-month public vision planning process designed to help focus, inspire and coordinate open space conservation and management on the San Francisco Peninsula, along the San Mateo County Coast and in the South Bay.

The final vision plan bears the handprints of more than 2,200 community members and reflects the values and aspirations of our diverse community.

Funded by Measure AA 2014 Open Space Bond

Measure AA

Following approval of the vision plan, in June 2014 voters passed Measure AA, a 30-year, $300 million general obligation bond to fund land conservation, public access and restoration projects of the top 25 vision plan priority action portfolios.

Bond Oversight

Measure AA expenditures are reviewed annually by a bond oversight committee to ensure accountability, transparency and public oversight of all funds collected and allocated under Measure AA.

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