a bobcat walking along a trail

Caring for Nature

A bobcat walking along a trail in a Midpen preserve.

As a land manager, Midpen balances all the parts of our mission with the overall goal of natural resource protection. Public lands held by Midpen are not “parks;” they are “preserves,” and indeed some areas of sensitive habitat are closed to public access. The habitats we manage are complex and changing ecosystems that serve a range of purposes.  

Resource Management Policies

To care for these lands often requires choosing between competing priorities. Midpen's resource management policies guide the ways we care for the plants, animals, water, soil, terrain, geologic formations, historic resources, scenic features and cultural resources on our public open space lands.

person putting a plant in the ground

From single hands-on restoration projects to enhancing trail safety and visitor experience along the trails to long-term commitments in interpretative and education program delivery, there’s a role for everyone in caring for our local landscapes.

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