Steve Abbors

Quarterly message from the General Manager

Steve Abbors

Hanging on the wall in District General Manager Steve Abbors' office is an oil painting of an East Bay landscape with the Santa Cruz Mountains visible in the far distance. It is a beautiful and fitting image encompassing the natural landscape of the East Bay native's career path.

After earning a Master's degree in biological sciences from California State University, East Bay, Steve began his professional career as a naturalist with the East Bay Regional Park District. In 1984 he joined the East Bay Municipal Utility District where he managed 28,000 acres of watershed land for water quality protection and recreation. In 2008, Steve left the golden hills of the East Bay for the forested slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains when he took the helm as General Manager for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

As General Manager, Steve oversees the District's daily operations and guides the implementation of its mission today and into the future while adhering to a long tradition of fiscal responsibility and sustainability. Steve is particularly committed to connecting the public to the ecosystems upon which we all depend. "As the impacts of a changing climate become more apparent, protection and restoration of the land that supports all life by providing air, water, food, and other vital ecosystem services will become increasingly important to all of us."

Since joining the District, Steve has guided the creation of a strategic plan, allowing the organization to address current challenges while continuing to fulfill its mission. He was instrumental in passing AB 612, legislation which adjusts the District's debt service, making more money available to purchase land. Steve also oversaw the creation of a new Natural Resources Department, providing greater focus and effectiveness of the District's land stewardship.

Outside of work, Steve is an amateur nature photographer, classical guitar player, and gardener with a particular affinity for growing dahlias and grapes. A viticulture enthusiast, he enjoys making his own wine. Steve and his wife live in both the South Bay and the East Bay and have two grown daughters. Whether in the East Bay hills or Santa Cruz Mountains, Steve is an avid hiker logging over 1,200 miles annually, usually carrying a camera and always with a curious and appreciative eye towards the natural world.

To contact the General Manager or any District staff member via telephone, please call the District's administrative office at (650) 691-1200.