a trail running by a Christmas tree farm

South Skyline Emergency Preparedness Day

Christmas tree farm at Skyline Ridge Preserve
South Skyline Firesafe Council
August 7, 2022
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Skyline Ridge Preserve

Join Midpen and our community partners at South Skyline FireSafe Council’s Preparedness day and talk to the teams who respond to emergencies such as wildfires, earthquakes, winter storms, power failures, and medical emergencies. Learn how to prepare and keep your family safe for evacuations, home defense, and more.

Where to Meet

Meet at the Skyline Ridge Preserve equestrian parking lot on Skyline Boulevard located one mile south of the Skyline Blvd. (Highway 35) and Page Mill/Alpine Road intersection. After entering the preserve, proceed to the farthest parking lot on the left. Those traveling from I-280 on Page Mill Rd. should allow approximately 45 minutes travel time.

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