Decisions to close trails are based on current and predicted weather conditions. When visiting the preserves this winter, or any time of the year, please look for posted trail closure signs and comply with all closures.

The District is concerned about visitor safety and potential resource damage to trails during the rainy time of year. Seasonally there are certain trails closed to equestrian and bicycle use during wet conditions. Any newly constructed trails are always closed to both types of riding for the trail’s first winter. Some trails may be re-opened if there is enough dry weather between storms. Occasionally, seasonal trail closures affect all uses. It is important to remember that during the winter storm season, high waters can make creek crossings hazardous, so plan any outing accordingly.

Emergency closures may take place at any time as conditions require, and trails may also be temporarily closed throughout the year due to construction or resource conservation projects. Although visitors may not be able to ride a favorite trail for a few months, cooperation is needed to keep people safe, prevent damage to natural resources, and to maintain the trails in good condition.

Visit the Trail Conditions Page for updated information.