View from Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail by Brian Malone/Midpen.

Saratoga to the Skyline Trail logo courtesy of City of Saratoga.The Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail project began with the City of Saratoga's vision to connect their downtown to the Pacific Ocean via an approximately 37-mile regional hiking trail corridor, referred to as the Saratoga-to-the-sea vision.

The Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail is a 9.7-mile trail uniting the City of Saratoga's Quarry Park with Santa Clara County's Sanborn County Park. The new 3.2-mile section of this trail, before the route connects to Sanborn trails, begins at Quarry Park, passes through a San Jose Water trail easement and into Sanborn County Park. In Sanborn, the trail winds its way up to Skyline Boulevard and connects to the Bay Area Ridge Trail and to California State Parks' Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail that travels another 27 miles through Castle Rock and Big Basin Redwoods parks to end at the Pacific Ocean.

Supporting Regional Trails

Measure AA logoMidpen supports a regional network of trails that connects communities to open space throughout the District and the agency supports a number of partnership projects to help fulfill this goal. On the Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail project (originally called Saratoga-to-the-Sea Trail project), Midpen has provided technical support and committed $1.365 million in funding towards engineering design, environmental review and construction. This and 24 other Vision Plan projects are funded by Measure AA general obligation bonds, approved by voters in 2014.

Saratoga to the Sea

The Vision

Since the mid-2000s, Midpen has supported the City of Saratoga's regional Saratoga-to-the-sea vision. The long-term vision is to connect downtown Saratoga to Hakone Gardens along Highway 9 on the western edge of downtown, to Sanborn County Park further west on Highway 9 on the western slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains and then to the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail that ends at Waddell Beach. woman walking along the trail

Midpen Helps Purchase Quarry Park

Quarry Park lies between Hakone and Sanborn. In the early 1900s, the property consisted of two lime quarries. The county bought the property in 1921 and operated a rock and gravel quarry until 1967. The city purchased the 64-acre property in 2011 for $1 million with the city and Midpen each contributing $250,000 and County Parks’ contributing $500,000. 

Preservation Through Partnership

Midpen recognized this trail partnership project as a priority in its 2014 Open Space Vision Plan. A conservation easement co-held by Midpen and County Parks preserves Quarry Park as open space that help plants, animals and people thrive. The city completed the Saratoga Quarry Park Master Plan in 2014 and opened the park to the public on October 31, 2015. Planning for the Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail began in 2017. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz built the Saratoga to Sanborn portion of the trail under contract with the City of Saratoga. Trail and bridge construction began in fall 2019 and the completed trail opened to the public in November 2020.

Saratoga to the sea regional trail map.

Plan Your Visit

Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail allows hiking, equestrians and dogs on leash; no bikes except on the Skyline Trail segment. Whether you are looking for a day hike or want to backpack from Saratoga to the sea, here are links for more information:  

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