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Midpen is a leader in open space preservation, natural resource protection and responsible land management. To help us with this work, we have formed a Science Advisory Panel to provide independent, science-based review of key issues and serve as a resource for future decisions. San Francisco Estuary Institute will manage the panel with Point Blue Conservation Science.


The complicated natural resource and public access projects we manage require a high level of scientific expertise. The panel will support our ongoing work by:

  • Establishing a scientific basis to assist Midpen with management decisions.
  • Providing an independent review of Midpen land management decisions and ongoing practices.
  • Advancing research efforts for important regional, science-based management topics.

Topics for Review

In January 2020, the board of directors chose the first topics for review:

  • Monitoring changes in plant and animal populations
  • Balancing natural resource protection and ecologically-sensitive public enjoyment and education
  • Conservation grazing benefits and impacts

A detailed description of the topics can be found in the board report from the meeting.

Download Science Advisory Panel Topics

The panel will report back to the board of directors in fall 2020.