laptop with Midpen wallpaper on screen

Enjoy splendid open space views wherever you are! Download these stunning nature backgrounds of Midpen open space preserves for your video calls, screensavers or backgrounds. From peaceful redwoods to lush rolling grasslands, we hope these images will bring a bit of the outdoors to you and inspire a future adventure to a Midpen open space preserve.

To download the full size image, right click on any image and choose "Save Image As." Follow the instructions to add the backgrounds to Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Alpine Pond - Skyline Ridge Preserve

Alpine Pond at Skyline Ridge Preserve

Oak Trees - Picchetti Ranch Preserve

Oak Trees at Picchetti Ranch Preserve

Peaceful Redwoods - Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve

Redwood Trees at Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve

Rocky Landscapes - Long Ridge Preserve

Rocky Landscape at Long Ridge Preserve

Rushing Waterfall Views - Coal Creek Preserve

Waterfall at Coal Creek Preserve

Wildflowers - Russian Ridge Preserve

Wildflower at Russian Ridge Preserve