large group

A large group/event permit is required for any event that may be attended by 50 or more people.

COVID-19 Permit Restrictions

Midpen is accepting applications for all permitted activities.  Participants must follow county health orders for guidance on social distancing

Please read our permit conditions, emergency communications procedures, and financial conditions below before applying for the permit below. Permit fees may be required.

General Large Group/Event Permit Conditions

  • Application for a permit must be made at least six (6) weeks in advance, in writing. Including a map of the proposed route expedites the permit process.
  • An event must not be advertised in advance of a signed permit being obtained from Midpen.
  • In accord with Midpen's mission, event organizers should be aware that permission is rarely granted for the participation of commercial vendors. Commercial vendors are not permitted to attend and/or participate in an event without specific written permission of Midpen.
  • Copies of all fliers, brochures and other materials used to advertise the event shall be provided to Midpen at least four (4) weeks in advance of the event.
  • The permittee understands that a permit issued by Midpen is only valid for access and use of Midpenlands. Permission to access and use any adjacent private land, or land controlled by another government agency, must be obtained from the appropriate owner or land manager.
  • Permittee will ensure that all participants in the permitted event are familiar with the contents of the "Sharing the Trails" trail etiquette brochure. Download "Sharing the Trails" brochure.
  • Permittee shall comply with all federal, state and local laws as well as Midpen regulations and ordinances.
  • Permittee shall immediately comply with any instructions from Midpen staff members.
  • Cones or flags may be used to mark trails. Paint, chalk, flour, or anything similar may not be used. These substances can be harmful to wildlife.
  • Signs may not be attached or mounted on Midpen signs, fences, gates or trees.
  • Monitors may be required at specified trail junctions, based upon Midpen's review of the permittee's application. This will be noted under Specific Conditions.
  • Portable restrooms may be required, depending on event location and number of participants. This will be noted under Specific Conditions.
  • Permittee must provide at least one person on-site with current training in Standard First Aid (or higher) and CPR.
  • Permittee is responsible for site clean up and removal of all litter immediately after the event.

Emergency Communications Procedures

  • Permittee must provide Midpen with a cellular telephone number or other contact where a responsible person can be reached on the day of the event should Midpen have the need to contact event organizers.
  • Permittee shall ensure that all on-site event organizers/staff are provided with the emergency number for contacting Midpen rangers and instruct organizers/staff to quickly call the emergency number to report any serious injury or immediate threat to life or property, occurring on Midpen lands.
  • Permittee shall identify a location in advance of the event from where they can make an emergency telephone call, either by cellular telephone that has service, or by landline telephone.
    a) Know where the call boxes/dependable phones are located
    b) Know where cell phones get coverage
    c) Where cellular service is sporadic this means that the permittee will need to provide on-site event organizers/staff with radios or other forms of communication.
    d) The information about these locations shall be relayed to all on-site event
  • Permittee shall ensure that on-site event organizers/staff have sufficient communications capability to relay an emergency message to someone who has reliable access to a working telephone to report emergencies.

Financial Conditions

Organizations wishing to conduct revenue generating activities on Midpen lands may be required to:

  • Pay a flat application fee of $200 per event.
  • Pay a refundable deposit of $300 per event. Any costs for repair of damage done, or additional staff time required to support the event beyond the amount initially estimated and charged, will be deducted from the deposit.  If costs incurred by Midpen exceed the $300 deposit, then the permitee would be billed for the excess amount.
  • Pay Midpen for hourly staff costs incurred by the Midpen in facilitating the event - $55 per hour. Fees for staff time help to defray Midpen's costs of hosting large events on Midpen property by addressing the costs of monitoring the protection of Midpen resources and providing regular and emergency services related to the permitted event.  The staff time per hour fee is based upon the overtime rate for a Midpen ranger.
  • Permit Application Fee Exemptions: An exemption to the application fee would be available for organizations which have 501(c)(3) non-profit status, government agencies, accredited educational organizations and for small group low-impact activities where five or fewer paying participants are involved.  However, the refundable deposit(s) and staff time fees would still be required.  

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