volunteer conducting research

The District manages land preserves to protect and restore the natural environment. Each year, many people request permission to conduct fieldwork on the preserves which supports science, conservation, restoration, or the monitoring of environmental quality.  When such activities are compatible with the District mission, the District provides limited permission to conduct fieldwork on the preserves. 

  • Usually the fieldwork relates to one of the following topics: conservation biology, natural resource management, biology, environmental sciences, ecology, or related studies. 
  • Successful permit applicants are expected to make their findings accessible to the public and the District through reports, publications, and/or presentations. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate a well-constructed research/project proposal, knowledge of the topic, a schedule for reporting, and a thorough plan to avoid potential adverse impacts to the environment that could be caused by the fieldwork

If your project falls within these guidelines, please complete the Fieldwork Permit Application. To expedite the review process, please be as complete and informative as possible in completing the form. Please allow a minimum of FOUR weeks for permit approval and processing.

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