Coal Creek Connection at Alpine Road

Alpine Road Regional Trail Improvement Project

Connection to Coal Creek at Alpine Road (Midpen Staff)

Alpine Road Trail will be closed July 13 through Late Fall, 2022. Clouds Rest Trail and Meadow Trail will be used as construction access and will also be closed during this time. Crazy Pete's Road is available only as an out-and-back trail. 

Alpine Road is an old regional road that used to connect the Town of Portola Valley to Page Mill Road. San Mateo County closed this road to vehicular traffic in 1979 due to road degradation and multiple washouts. Since then, there have been multiple culvert failures and washouts that have added sediment to local waterways. 

The trails at Coal Creek Open Space Preserve link to Alpine Road, which serves as an important regional trail connection for cyclists, equestrians and hikers alike. In April of 2019, Midpen entered into a formal partnership with San Mateo County, and established a process to build a trail on the old roadbed. 

The Alpine Road Regional Trail Improvement Project will correct the degraded roadbed and failing culverts that have led to significant erosion and sedimentation issues. The trail improvement activities and construction will take place this summer. A second construction season from June to October 2023 may be scheduled to finish the work.

Map of Alpine Road Project


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Funded by Measure AA 2014 Open Space Bond


This project is funded through Measure AA: Portfolio 10.

Additional funding is provided by Santa Clara County through the Stanford Recreation Mitigation Fund.
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April 27, 2022Award of Contract
June 1, 2022Notice to Proceed/Construction Commence
Summer - Fall 2022Construction Season 1
Summer - Fall 2023Construction Season 2
Fall 2023Project Acceptance