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General Access Permit

A general access permit is required for any activity or event that: 

  • may be attended by twenty (20) or more people; or
  • would restrict the use of any part of Midpen lands by members of the public; or
  • requests or requires a fee be paid or a donation made for participation. This includes events where the fee is in the form of a mandatory purchase, such as a t-shirt.

Permits are also required for certain activities at specific preserves:

  • El Sereno Preserve: Parking at Overlook Drive
  • La Honda Creek Preserve: parking at Event Center or access/parking for upper La Honda Creek
  • Monte Bello Preserve: parking at Waterwheel Creek
  • Windy Hill Preserve: remote control gliders, hang gliding and paragliding.

If you are charging a fee for your event, you must provide an insurance certificate and endorsement listing the District as additionally insured.

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