Driscoll Ranch

Driscoll Ranch


On December 11, 2013, the District Board of Directors approved a lease and management agreement with Peninsula Open Space Trust to manage the former Driscoll Ranch Apple Orchard and Event Center properties.  POST retains ownership of the properties, which are located adjacent to the 5,760 acre La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve and along Highway 84. These properties provide a natural extension of the Preserve with frontage along a public roadway, improve the District’s ability to patrol and manage the Preserve, help protect San Gregorio Creek and provide for a future public staging area and trail opportunities to the Preserve.

Driscoll Ranch Resource Management Plan

As part of the Lease and Management Agreement, the Apple Orchard property will be made available for grazing, and the former Event Center parcel will continue to be used by the local equestrian community for trainings and certain events. The Driscoll Ranch Resource Management Plan was amended to include the new properties.

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