Midpen recently completed the first two years of our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) barrier removal plan, part of a long-term, 15-year effort to support accessible programs, activities and services. At our Ravenswood Preserve, the existing easy-access trail was resurfaced and a beautiful new 0.6-mile trail and boardwalk were carefully constructed across the sensitive salt-marsh habitat.

Additionally, we installed three new ADA-compliant restrooms alongside ADA-accessible parking stalls at our Windy Hill, Monte Bello and Russian Ridge preserves, and updated over 90 percent of our preserve entrance stiles to accommodate wheelchairs.

Work on our next set of projects will take place over the next few years and focus on regrading and resurfacing several easy-access trails: Alpine Pond Loop and Horseshoe Loop trails at Skyline Ridge Preserve, and Cordilleras Trail at Pulgas Ridge Preserve.

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