Our most recent greenhouse gas inventory shows Midpen is making great progress toward our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Midpen’s Climate Action Plan, finalized in 2018, outlines efforts for meeting our goals to reduce operational emissions 20% by 2022, 40% by 2030, and 80% by 2050, as compared to our 2016 emissions. To track progress and maintain transparency about what actions we are taking to combat carbon emissions, every two years staff conduct a greenhouse gas inventory.

Our latest inventory shows that emissions in 2020 were 24% below the baseline, surpassing our goal of 20% reductions by 2022. The inventory measures emissions from vehicles, equipment and business travel (26% reduction), employee commutes (38% reduction), facilities (35% reduction) and tenant residences (31% reduction).

These reductions were achieved by replacing patrol vehicles with renewable diesel or more fuel efficient models, increasing the use of electric motorcycles for patrol and electric power equipment for resource management work, and reducing employee commutes.

Follow our ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions