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Forest Health Project Reaches Milestone

The Los Gatos Creek Watershed Forest Health Project at Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve has reached 200 acres treated, and counting. Midpen joined forces with the San Jose Water Company, Santa Clara County FireSafe Council and Santa Clara County Parks in 2020 to collaboratively carry out this regional project, which is funded by a $7.5 million grant from Cal Fire. The project’s purpose is to holistically enhance forest and ecosystem health, wildland fire resilience and public safety throughout the Los Gatos Creek Watershed.

Staff oversee the work done in Midpen preserves, including thinning dense underbrush and removing low tree limbs. Before work begins, biologists perform botanical and wildlife surveys to ensure rare species and sensitive habitats are protected. Recently, a Midpen biological monitor spotted a hawk’s nest and postponed treatment in that area. Over the next two years, the project will continue across a total of nearly 1,000 acres, including more than 350 acres on Midpen lands in areas of Bear Creek Redwoods, Sierra Azul, Saratoga Gap and Long Ridge open space preserves.

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