photo of Red Maid flower


A closer look at what we're doing to help plants, animals and people thrive.


Full Circle

Midpen grant and Saved by Nature Education help connect urban youth from Davis Junior High School Boys and Girls Club to nature at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. 

Wildland Fire Takes a Village

Midpen forms part of the Los Gatos Creek Watershed Collaborative, a joint group taking a holistic approach to forest health and wildfire resiliency. Despite the rainy season, in late 2022 Midpen got an early start in implementing some of these measures. 

Returning Fire to the Landscape

For thousands of years, fire was a natural part of California’s landscape and a land management tool the Native people in this region used to enhance hunting areas and plants they relied on for food and fiber.

The Work Behind the Wildflowers

Wildflowers, with their beautiful bursts of color every spring, are beneficial to our region's rich biodiversity. Learn how Midpen's behind-the-scenes work helps ensure they bloom every year to promote healthy, functioning native plant communities. 

Ripple Effects of Rodenticide Use

From bobcats and coyotes, to owls and white-tailed kites- these and other wildlife have all been mortally affected by the use of rodenticides targeted at their food source. Midpen is taking proactive measures to prevent that from happening. 

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