Black Mountain Campground

The Black Mountain Backpack Camp at Monte Bello Open Space Preserve is the only campsite on District lands. The camp is a 1.5-mile hike from Page Mill Road and includes a 500-foot uphill climb from the parking lot. A permit is required, and the fee ($2 per night per camper) is payable after the camping trip.

Reservations are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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  1. Camping fee is $2 per person, payable by cash or check after you camp.
  2. Overnight parking is only allowed in the Monte Bello lot, and is BY PERMIT ONLY.
  3. There are 4 campsites - 4 people maximum each site. There is 1 group campsite - 24 people maximum. (Maximum 40 people for entire campground.)
  4. Visitors must arrive at campsite after 2:00 p.m. and BEFORE SUNSET. The surrounding preserve area is closed a half-hour after sunset.
  5. Visitors must vacate campsite by 12:00 p.m.
  6. Stay on designated trails. Visitors must camp in designated campsites only.
  7. Campfires, wood burning and charcoal fires are prohibited. Gas powered camp stoves permitted in designated areas only.
  8. Please carry out everything you bring in, including refuse.
  9. The water is non-potable. Boil or filter before using.
  10. Bicyclists must wear a helmet.
  11. Dogs are prohibited.
  12. Radios or loud activities are prohibited.
  13. Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  14. No one under 18 years old may camp on any District Lands, except when:
    a) Accompanied by a parent or guardian; or
    b) Part of a group supervised by at least one adult, each responsible for ten or fewer juveniles; or
    c) The juvenile is an emancipated minor.

Please note: If you are charging a fee for your event, you must provide an insurance certificate and endorsement listing the District as additionally insured.

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