Purple lupine blooming alongside a trail.

All weddings, ceremonies or scattering of cremains in Midpen preserves require a permit, regardless of size.

COVID-19 Restrictions

The following restrictions are currently in place in accordance with local health department COVID-19 guidelines:

  • All participants must follow the current COVID-19 protocols.
  • Participation is limited to less than 20 people from no more than THREE households.
  • Participants must leave the area immediately following the ceremony; receptions are not allowed.

Ceremony Guidelines

  • Limitations on parking and the need for all participants to hike into the location may limit the feasibility of holding a ceremony at one of our preserves.
  • All participants must follow these rules:
    - Do not impede traffic on the trails, vistas, or access to other preserve visitors in any way.
    - No vehicle access into preserve.
    - Please carpool.
    - No balloons, decorations, tents or catering.
    - No confetti, birdseed or rice (bubbles are allowed).
  • We recommend that anyone interested in having a ceremony at Midpen review the basic conditions and suggested ceremony locations and visit the potential site before requesting a permit.
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