Cloverdale Ranch, view from high hill.

Agricultural Policy Development Project

Through a public process, staff is creating an agricultural policy to clarify and define Midpen’s role in encouraging viable agricultural use of land resources on the San Mateo County Coast.

Información en Español: Hoja informativa del proyecto.

The policy will:  

  • Consolidate existing board-adopted agricultural policies in Midpen’s Basic PolicyResource Management Policies, which include a Conservation Grazing PolicyCoastal Service Plan and other documents to address any inconsistencies and conflicts. See the documents section below.

  • Evaluate gaps and areas requiring clarification, such as Midpen’s role in providing farmworker housing.  

  • Provide a decision-making tool for Midpen staff and board that is informed, consistent and effective. 


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Midpen has been working on the San Mateo County Coastside since 2004 to protect open space, to restore the natural environment and to preserve working lands and rural character. Learn more about our work on the coast here. Our unique mission on the coast is: 

To acquire and preserve in perpetuity open space land and agricultural land of regional significance, protect and restore the natural environment, preserve rural character, encourage viable agricultural use of land resources, and provide opportunities for ecologically sensitive public enjoyment and education. 

To date, Midpen has protected more than 19,000 acres of natural and agricultural lands on the coast including including more than 10,000 acres in conservation grazing leases through our Conservation Grazing Program; and some row crops including seven acres of cut flowers in Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve, 33 acres of produce in Miramontes Ridge Preserve, a historic chestnut orchard and Christmas tree farm in Skyline Ridge Preserve.

Map of Midpen ag lands.

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Project Updates and Related Stories


Mar. 27, 2019Public meeting: Study session with Midpen board of directors to determine project scope. (agenda and minutes)
Nov. 20, 2019Peer-agency workshop to gain insights from other regional agencies and organizations involved in the intersection of agricultural and open space preservation. 
Sept. 22, 2021Public meeting: Project update with Midpen board of directors. (agenda and minutes)
Spring 2022Stakeholder workshops and survey. 
Sept. 28, 2022Public meeting: Study session to review stakeholder feedback and themes with Midpen board of directors. (agenda and minutes)
Dec. 8, 2022Public meeting: Midpen board review and feedback of updated policy language. (agenda and minutes)
Spring-Summer 2023Stakeholder and partner review of draft policy language.
Nov. 1, 2023Public meeting: Review and consideration of approval of draft policy language by Midpen board of directors. (agenda)



Midpen works in partnership with public and private organizations and others to balance viable agricultural and open space conservation goals on the San Mateo County Coast. They include, but are not limited to:  

San Mateo County Resource Conservation District

Peninsula Open Space Trust

San Mateo County Farm Bureau