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Expanding Public Access at Bear Creek Redwoods

Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve (Alisha Laborico)

Midpen is pursuing several projects expanding public access and enjoyment in Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve. By adding more than two miles of trail, regional connections, repairing several landslides and restoring segments of the Briggs Creek channel, Midpen is committed to providing ecologically sensitive recreational opportunities for the community while fortifying the long-term health of the land. 


Bordered by Bear Creek Road and Highway 17, the northern segment of the preserve features a mixture of coastal oak woodlands, second-growth redwoods, California grasslands and several creeks. The area encompasses the historic Bear Creek Stables as well as the Alma Cultural Landscape. The nearly 170-acre portion of the preserve is the site of several related and intertwined projects.

The projects were identified in the 2017 Preserve Plan, a long-term use and management plan for the preserve. This guiding document serves as a roadmap to responsibly open Bear Creek Redwoods to the public in phases while preserving historic cultural resources and diverse biological ecosystems.

Map of projects in Bear Creek Redwoods Phase 2 area
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Learn more about the different projects below:

Natural Resources Protection and Restoration
Natural Resources
Public Access, Education, and Outreach
Public Access
Grant Funded
Grant Funded
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Measure AA

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October 2022Alma Cultural Landscape Opened
Summer 2023Construction begins on Phase II trails
Summer 2023Planning feasibility for north parking area
December 13, 2023Determination of multiuse trail alignment
Meeting Recording
End of 2023Construction completed on Phase II trails
Summer 2024Construction and installation of northeast trailhead
2027Construction of north parking area


Measure AA Funding

Additional Funding

The Phase II trails project is partly funded through the California River Parkways Grant Program - $2.47 Million