La Honda Creek Preserve (Blair Barnett)

La Honda Public Access Working Group

La Honda Creek Preserve (Blair Barnett)

In 2019, Midpen board members and constituents from throughout Midpen’s service area came together as the La Honda Public Access Working Group to identify recommendations for expanding public access to the central area of La Honda Creek Preserve.

What followed was a year of very hard work, listening, field scouting trips, meetings, creativity, compromise and commitment to seeking solutions that met all project goals. The result was a suite of recommendations that Midpen staff are currently exploring the feasibility of.

In 2021, the project won a public outreach award of excellence from the American Planning Association. 

Public Access, Education, and Outreach
Public Access
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Goals and Objectives

The working group's recommendations were designed to meet the following project goals: 

  • Establish safe, new public access in the central portion of La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve.
  • Reflect the rural character of the site. 
  • Balance conservation grazing with public access.
  • Facilitate environmental education.
  • Protect scenic views of and from the site.

Public Working Group Recommendations

The group concluded one site cannot meet all of the project goals and recommended a portfolio of sites be considered. Staff are currently studying the feasibility of each recommended site before beginning a required environmental review process.

  • Sites B2 or B3 – Sears Ranch Road Area: Parking for equestrian trailers and future expansion for additional vehicles when use of existing lot exceeds its capacity.
  • Sites C1 or C2 – Sears Ranch Road Interior: Picnic, family-friendly, equestrian-serving and interpretive amenities.
  • Site D – Preserve Gate LH07: A small parking lot with trailhead access and restroom facilities
  • Site E3 – Red Barn White Shed Area: A small parking lot with limited access. 
Working Group Recommendations Map

Working Group Members

The Working Group community members  were recruited through an application process and appointed by Midpen Board on June 26, 2019.

Board Directors
Larry Hassett, Ward 6
Curt Riffle, Ward 4

La Honda area community representatives

Ari Delay
Karl Lusebrink
Kathleen Moazed

Ward 6 stakeholders

Lou Bordi
Barbara Hooper

Ward Stakeholders
Melany Moore: Ward 1
Art Heinrich: Ward 2
Willie Wool: Ward 3
Sandy Sommer: Ward 4
Andie Reed: Ward 5
Denise Phillips: Ward 7