La Honda Creek Preserve

La Honda Creek Feasibility Study

Midpen is currently conducting a feasibility study to evaluate four potential sites for expanded parking and trailhead access to La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve. The sites were recommended by the La Honda Public Access Working Group and were approved to study for feasibility by the Midpen board of directors.

Public Meeting: Trailhead and Parking Area Feasibility Study Results

Join Midpen’s board of directors in-person or via Zoom during their public meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24 to hear the results of a study exploring the feasibility of three potential sites for expanded parking and trailhead access to La Honda Creek Preserve. 

At the meeting, the public and Midpen board of directors are invited to provide feedback on the study results. The staff report and agenda will be posted online April 19. At a subsequent public meeting this summer, the Midpen board will provide direction on which sites to move forward with into the required environmental review phase.  

Public Access, Education, and Outreach
Public Access

Goals and Objectives

The project seeks to provide ecologically sensitive public access to the central, currently closed, portion of the preserve and offer opportunities to connect visitors between the upper and lower reaches of the preserve.  

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Project Details

Midpen acquired the services of a multidisciplinary consultant team to conduct technical studies to support the feasibility study of the recommended sites. In the last year, the consultant team completed multiple technical studies (traffic, biological, botanical, arborist, wetland delineation, cultural resources, topographical and geotechnical) and developed an opportunities and constraints report that summarizes the findings.

Technical Studies

The following technical studies have been completed to form a comprehensive understanding of the existing site conditions and support the opportunities and constraints analysis.


Below are the recommended considerations for each site being studied: 

The recommendations also included short term measures and amenities for an area one mile north of the existing Sears Ranch parking lot, named the “C sites”. The C sites are outside of the consultants’ scope of work due to the minimal nature of contemplated site improvements.

Midpen staff are currently planning for benches and equestrian infrastructure at the C sites and studying the feasibility of the recommended short-term measures as follows: