Fog Over Golden Hills

Ward 3 - Jed Cyr

Russian Ridge Preserve (Sam Post)
Photo of board member Jed Cyr

Board Vice President

Representing Cupertino, Sunnyvale
Term: 2021-2024

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Jed Cyr was born in San Francisco in 1941 and was raised in Colma. Jed attended San Jose State University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in social sciences and a master’s degree in U.S. History and Geography. Now retired, Jed taught in the social sciences field at the middle school level in Sunnyvale for 37 years.

Jed was first elected to the board of directors, representing the City of Sunnyvale, in 1996 and has served continuously since then. Jed has lived in Sunnyvale for over 35 years. Jed’s experience in school policies made him a seasoned board member immediately, with sage advice and a calm manner.

Jed voted for establishing the District in 1972, and has been a dedicated user of the preserves since they became available for public access. Two areas Jed considers as areas of interest in his directorship are continuing the availability of multiple uses in a balanced manner and improving access for all residents of the District.

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