Join us on a short family-focused walk around Alpine Pond, adjacent to Daniels Nature Center at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve.  This tour is also available to view on YouTube.

Track 1 - Nature Center

Track 2 - Woodrat Den

Track 3 - Cattails

Track 4 - Willow

Track 5 - Grinding Stone

Track 6 - Turtle Island


Track 1 - Nature Center - Sounds: Treefrogs by Debbi Brusco; Photos: © Jack Owicki: Newt, Double-Crested Cormorant, Red-legged Frog; © Naturespicsonline: Red-winged Blackbird; © Audio Guides to the Outdoors: Alpine Pond, Banana Slug, Daniels Nature Center; Renée Fitzsimons: Daniels Plaque; Alpine Pond.

Track 2 - Woodrat Den - Photos: © Jack Owicki: Woodrat, Brush Rabbit; © Cindy Roessler: Woodrat Den 2, Woodrat 3; © Karl Gohl: Red-shouldered Hawk (2), Red-shouldered Hawk; © Audio Guides to the Outdoors: Woodrat Den 1, Scrub Jay, Alpine Pond, Trail Ahead, Deer Tracks, Trail Ahead, Next Stop.

Track 3 – Cattails - Photos: © Jack Owicki: Coot; Courtesy of Sharon Thomas: Sharon Thomas; © Naturespicsonline: Red-winged Blackbird; © Nate Donovan: Leaf, Strong Leaves; © Audio Guides to the Outdoors: Cattails, Cattails, Submerged Roots, Spike, Seeds, Gate Ahead, Next Stop, Willow.

Track 4 – Willow - Photos: © Karl Gohl: Red-Shouldered Hawk; © Audio Guides to the Outdoors: Willow, Willow Leaves, Bridge, Outlet to Pond, Water Strider, Next Stop (2).

Track 5 - Grinding Stone - Photos: © Audio Guides to the Outdoors: Grinding Stone, Sequoia and Sign, Little Trail (3), Grinding Stone (3), Boulders Nearby, Douglas Fir, Douglas Fir Cone, Sunny Jim Trail, Bench, Near Center.

Track 6 - Turtle Island - Photos: © Naturespicsonline: Double-crested Cormorant, Osprey; © Cindy Roessler: Woodrat; © Audio Guides to the Outdoors: Double-crested Cormorant, Turtle Island, Western Pond Turtle, Turtle Island, Banana Slug, Telescope, Alpine Pond, More Information.