Photo from Monte Bello Open Space Preserve. Photo by Nicole Rodia.

Regional Trail Connections

Fog on the Hills, Monte Bello OSP. (Nicole Rodia)

A network of regional trails can provide an opportunity to connect people to more preserves and a variety of other open spaces, improve access for bicyclists and equestrians, and enable visitors to explore farther without having to leave the trail system.

These trail interconnections can improve safety by reducing the need for trail users to walk or ride on roads between open spaces. Regional trails also help people understand the big picture of land conservation efforts in the region ⁠— that protecting the natural environment and preserving open space is a collaborative effort between land-management agencies, regulatory agencies, private landowners and the public.

Regional trail projects include both east-west corridors like the Bay to Sea Trail (with Purisima-to-the-Sea Trail component), and Saratoga-to-the-Skyline Trail (connecting to Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail) and north-south corridors like the California Coastal Trail, the San Francisco Bay Trail and the Bay Area Ridge Trail. These projects focus on closing gaps between existing trails, preserves and parks to create a seamless network.

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Public Access
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Measure AA


Midpen works with numerous partners and stakeholders to complete regional trail connections in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Of the 25 priority project portfolios selected by Midpen's board of directors in 2014, 19 include a regional trail component, and the majority of these are funded by voter-approved Measure AA.

Potential regional trail connections across the Midpen preserves
Potential future regional trail connections 


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