Mindego Hill

Midpen's projects are designed to ensure proper care of the land and provide for ecologically sensitive public access opportunities. Our aim is to allow more people, including hikers, mountain bicyclists and equestrians, to experience firsthand the beauty of the Bay Area's natural setting.

Opportunities for public recreation are balanced with natural resource protection through a comprehensive planning approach in partnership with the community.  New trails and staging areas are built with environmentally sound construction techniques, and natural resource restoration is a key component of every project. 

Learn more about key projects currently underway.

ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan Update

Midpen is undertaking the development of an Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan Update. This project will identify any programmatic and physical barriers limiting accessibility at the District.Learn more

Cooley Landing

Midpen is working in conjunction with the City of East Palo Alto to renovate this bayshore property.Learn more
Bear Creek Redwoods

Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve Plan

The Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve Plan is a long-term use and management plan for the preserve.Learn more
Mindego Hill

Climate Change

Midpen adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2018 to minimize the impact our operations as an agency have on the environment.Learn more
Toto Ranch

Coastside Protection

Midpen's Coastside Protection Program was implemented in September 2004 when the Midpen boundary was extended to the Pacific Ocean from the City of Pacifica to the Santa Cruz County line...Learn more
Mountain Lion

Highway 17 Wildlife and Trail Crossings

Midpen is developing wildlife and regional trail crossings across Highway 17 to connect over 30,000 acres of protected public lands.Learn more

Hawthorns Historical Complex

The Hawthorns Historic Complex (historically referred to as “The Hawthorns”) is situated on the southeastern portion of the 79-acre Hawthorn property, which is located between Alpine and Los Trancos Roads in the Town of Portola Valley...Learn more

Hawthorns Public Access

Hawthorns, one of the last undeveloped islands of open space in residential Portola Valley, offers grassy hilltops with panoramic views.Learn more
red barn

La Honda Creek Master Plan

The District has developed a 30-year use and management Master Plan for this Preserve that aims to balance the preservation of viable agriculture, cultural history, and the natural environment with public education and low-intensity recreation.Learn more
Ravenswood Bay Trail

Ravenswood Bay Trail Project

The Ravenswood Bay Trail will complete a 0.6-mile critical gap in the San Francisco Bay Trail on the peninsula.Learn more
5050 El Camino Real

Midpen Office Building

A new office building is under development to bring Midpen’s administrative staff under one roof to save money and increase efficiency...Learn more
parking lot

Rancho San Antonio Multimodal Access Project

Midpen is beginning a Parking and Transportation Demand Analysis at Rancho San Antonio to better understand the underlying causes for the parking and access challenges and develop effective strategies to address them.Learn more

Regional Trail Connections

Midpen is working with numerous partners and stakeholders to complete regional trail connection projects in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.Learn more