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Rancho San Antonio Multimodal Access Project

Rancho San Antonio parking lot (Karl Gohl)

Project Overview

Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve and County Park is Midpen’s most visited preserve —welcoming nearly 700,000 visitors per year.  Located close to many communities and providing easy access to a large network of trails and wonderful opportunities to connect with nature, parking demand often exceeds capacity during peak hours.

Public Access, Education, and Outreach
Public Access

Goals & Objectives

The Rancho San Antonio Multimodal Access Project was developed to:

  • Study existing parking and access conditions.
  • Identify and prioritize strategies to encourage other modes of travel and reduce parking demand.
  • Implement recommended strategies including access, transit, traffic and capacity improvements and visitor demand management.

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Over the past year and a half, Midpen has explored and evaluated non-motorized mobility, transit options and parking alternatives for Rancho San Antonio Preserve to encourage visitors to opt for greener forms of transportation and reduce parking demand and traffic, while maintaining equitable access for both local and regional visitors.

During the study Midpen also implemented several short-term measures to improve the parking issues.

Next Steps

The study recommendations were scored and weighted on a series of factors to develop three sets of strategies for implementation. The board authorized the implementation of the first priority set in April 2021. Plans, including scope, schedule, staff resources and budget, will be developed for these board approved strategies.


Summer 2019-Spring 2021Rancho San Antonio Multimodal Access Study
April 2021Board of directors acceptance of Rancho San Antonio Multimodal Access Strategies Report findings and recommendations.
Next StepsDevelop plans for priority one strategies including scope, schedule, staff resources and budget