Map of Midpen wards

Ward Redistricting

Redistricting is the process of adjusting the boundaries of voting districts every ten years following the decennial census, in order to ensure that representation mirrors population shifts. For Midpen, this means evaluating and adjusting the boundaries of its seven wards.

Every 10 years, following the federal census, Midpen’s board of directors is required by law to ensure the District’s seven wards remain substantially equal in population.

Map of Midpen wards
Map of current Midpen wards
Assets and Organizational Support
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Public Meeting

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 7 p.m. 

The board of directors of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District will review and comment on draft redistricting scenario maps. No board action will be taken. 

Using Board-adopted criteria to guide the redistricting process, staff have prepared three draft redistricting scenario maps for input from the Board and general public. Staff will refine the draft scenario map(s) in response to Board and public feedback and will return to the Board with the revised redistricting scenario map(s) for recommendation. If needed, staff will develop additional draft scenario maps in response to feedback and will return to the Board with a final redistricting scenario map for recommendation. 

Goals and Objectives

The 2020 redistricting project aims to evaluate and adjust Midpen ward boundaries to ensure all statutory requirements are met, along with additional goals raised by the board and issues raised by the public.

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Give us your feedback!

As part of receiving input from the public on Midpen’s ward boundary redistricting process, we are looking for feedback on our existing ward map.  Over the last ten years what has changed that needs to be considered?  Are there areas on the existing map that you think can be improved?  Any general comments?

We're collecting your feedback through the Midpen MyDistricting comment tool. Click on the blue “Add Comment” button to provide your input.  You can add as many comments as you would like. Click “Show Me How” in the app to watch an instructional video.

You can also use the app to find your current ward.

A screenshot of the MyDistricting app



August 11, 2021Study session "Redistricting 101" presentation.
August 25, 2021Board of directors to consider and adopt redistricting criteria.
October 27, 2021Board of directors to consider draft scenario ward maps
Spring 2022Submit adopted maps to county election offices