Map of Midpen wards

Ward Redistricting

Following the federal census every ten years, Midpen’s board of directors was required by law to ensure that the geographic areas, or “wards”, which our seven publicly elected board member represent, remain substantially equal in population. The process is called redistricting, and for Midpen it meant evaluating and adjusting the boundaries of our seven wards to ensure that representation mirrors population shifts.

After a six-month public outreach process, the Midpen board of directors adopted the map that will be used in the November 8, 2022 general election at its March 23 meeting.

new Midpen district wards approved in March 2022
The new Midpen district wards that were approved in March 2022. 
Assets and Organizational Support
Organization Support

The 2020 redistricting project aimed to evaluate and adjust Midpen ward boundaries to ensure all statutory requirements are met, along with additional goals raised by the board and issues raised by the public.

The Ward Comparison web mapping application provides a swipe tool to compare Midpen's new wards to previous wards. Just slide the vertical bar side-to-side. You can also search for your address to see if your ward has changed.

Download the new ward map

Redistricting Scenario A Ward Demographics Breakdown

Redistricting Scenario A Ward Demographics Breakdown
Photo of Midpen Board of Directors
(Photo: Erin Ashford)

Midpen is governed by a seven-member publicly elected board of directors. Board members serve a four-year term, and represent a geographic ward of approximately equal populations.


August 11, 2021 Study session "Redistricting 101" presentation
August 25, 2021Board of directors to consider and adopt redistricting criteria
October 27, 2021Board of directors to consider draft scenario ward maps
December 10, 2021End of public comment window
January 26, 2022Public Meeting - Recommendation of final scenario maps
March 23, 2022Board of directors vote to adopt new ward map
Spring 2022Submit adopted maps to county election offices