Helping Plants, Animals & People Thrive

by preserving a connected greenbelt of more than 70,000 acres throughout the greater Santa Cruz Mountains region.

Midpen has a braided mission to acquire and preserve a regional greenbelt of open space land in perpetuity, to protect and restore the natural environment, and to provide opportunities for ecologically sensitive public enjoyment and education. On the San Mateo County Coastside, our mission expands to include acquiring and preserving agricultural land of regional significance, to preserve rural character, and to encourage viable agricultural use of land resources.

Welcome to Midpen

Whether this is your first time or 50th, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your visit.
Bobcat / photo by David Henry
Bobcat (David Henry)

Room to Breathe

When you visit a Midpen preserve, you immediately may notice the differences from other city or county parks that you have visited. There is scenic beauty to absorb and wild landscapes to explore. Parking areas are generally small and amenities typically few and rustic. While visiting, it is important to remember that these public open space lands are being actively managed to protect natural resources, restore native habitats, encourage biodiversity and increase the region's resilience to climate change. By providing opportunities for ecologically sensitive public enjoyment and education, Midpen preserves offer people room to breathe and connections with nature, while giving plants and animals a chance to thrive.

Midpen Milestones

Voters Create Midpen
Residents Served
Acres Protected
Open Space Preserves
Miles of Trails

What We Do

Each fiscal year, Midpen creates a Capital Improvement and Action Plan that drives our work and determines priority projects, Most projects span multiple years and many involve public-private partnerships.

Here's a look at just a few of our current projects.

FEMA Public Notice

Winter storms caused more than $7.5 million in damages to Midpen preserves and we have applied for FEMA funding to cover a portion of the costs. Interested persons may obtain information about FEMA's intended actions and Midpen's proposed projects by writing to the Federal Emergency Management Agency Region RIX Office, Regional Environmental Officer, Kenneth Sessa, 1111 Broadway, Suite 1200, Oakland, CA 94607. All comments concerning this public notice must be submitted in writing to the Region RIX Office within 30 days of this notice.

Click to read the FEMA Public Notice


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