Rancho Trail

E-Bike Policy Evaluation

Photo Credit: Michelle DeLateur

In November 2019, the Midpen board began considering options for designating specific trails, paved and unpaved, as open to specific classes of e-bikes.

  • A short-term unpaved trails study is underway on lands of a regional partner agency where e-bikes are currently allowed, as a proxy for Midpen preserves. The results of the unpaved trails study will be presented to the board’s Planning and Natural Resources Committee at a public meeting in early 2022. The committee’s recommendations will then be presented to the full board at a subsequent public meeting to decide on appropriate next steps.
  • In support of the project, the Natural Resource Department worked with H.T. Harvey & Associates to investigate potential noise impacts to wildlife from e-bikes. Analysis of E-bike Noise and Recommendations for Buffer Distances between Bike Trails and Bat Roosts/Nesting Birds

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