Rancho Trail

E-Bike Policy Evaluation

Photo Credit: Michelle DeLateur

In November 2019, the Midpen board began considering options for designating specific trails, paved and unpaved, as open to specific classes of e-bikes.

  • A short-term unpaved trails study is underway on lands of a regional partner agency where e-bikes are currently allowed, as a proxy for Midpen preserves. The results of the unpaved trails study will be presented to the board’s Planning and Natural Resources Committee at a public meeting in early 2022. The committee’s recommendations will then be presented to the full board at a subsequent public meeting to decide on appropriate next steps.
  • In support of the project, the Natural Resource Department worked with H.T. Harvey & Associates to investigate potential noise impacts to wildlife from e-bikes. Analysis of E-bike Noise and Recommendations for Buffer Distances between Bike Trails and Bat Roosts/Nesting Birds

The results of the pilot will be reviewed by the Planning and Natural Resources Committee in early Spring 2022. The Board of Directors' review will be soon to follow.

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