hummingbird nest

Midpen open space preserves offer a great variety of environments, wildlife habitats, and plant life that be found. Click on a link below to find out more.



The diverse habitats of District preserves support a variety of breeding birds.Learn more


Coyotes are found in nearly every type of habitat in California from deserts to mountains, and from wild lands to urban areas.Learn more
mountain lion

Mountain Lions

About half of California is prime mountain lion country. These large, powerful predators have always lived here, preying on deer and other wildlife, and playing an important role in the ecosystem.Learn more

Plant Life

A great variety of environments, wildlife habitats, and plant life can be found in the open space preserves.Learn more

Reptiles & Amphibians

District lands are also home to many reptiles amphibians, including numerous types of snakes, frogs, and lizards.Learn more
red legged frog

Threatened & Endangered Species

There are over 70 rare species on District preserves.Learn more


Midpen preserves are great places to see spring wildflowers in the months of March, April and May.Learn more

Wildlife Safety

Midpen lands are home to a variety of wildlife. While we want you to enjoy the wildlife around the area, the following information is very important for your safety and for the well-being of the animals that live there.Learn more